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We use novel retinal eye-tracking techniques to assess neurological health. Our technology is capable of tracking the eye with the accuracy of less than a micron. Click below to learn more.

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When Accuracy Matters

C. Light Technologies is revolutionizing the way we diagnose, monitor, and assess neurological health. Through the use of our custom retinal eye-tracking technology and software, you will be able to track eye motion at the accuracy of down to single cone photoreceptors in the living human eye. This allows you to monitor and assess current neurological health and treatments using eye motion like never before.

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Eye-tracking can be used to monitor neurological health in a variety of disorders


Eye motion is affected immediately post concussion.

Multiple Sclerosis

Eye motion changes could give indicators for remission and drug efficacy.

Parkinson's Disease

Use eye motion to understand disease progression.

Alzheimer's Disease

Eye motion abnormalities early on in the disease could give diagnostic clues.

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